Pasta for a Princess


A culinary fantasy about the making of tagliatelle pasta.


One of Italy's most beloved pasta, tagliatelle is born from a tradition of pasta making that begins with myth and legend. According to gastro-historians a tagliatelle-like pasta was pictured in an 11th century Arab health manual.  According to legend tagliatelle was invented during the Renaissance at the Court of the Bentivoglio of Bologna on the occassion of the marriage of Lucrezia Borgia to the Duke of Ferrara.  As with all myths and legends the truth may fall somewhere in between but the fantasy of the food of popes, princesses and everyday Italians still remains for all to enjoy.



In the Court of the Bentivoglio Christoforo Zafirano was regarded as a maestro, a master of l'arte della cucina (the art of the kitchen) but this would be his greatest achievement. In only 3 days the beautiful and infamous Lucrezia Borgia would arrive in Bologna and he must prepare an unforgettable feast fit for a Renaissance princess and bride to be.



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