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Taste andTravel 

We're changing the way people see Italy.

Opening up the possibilities to see and savor Italy with a unique perspective that is more than a "show and tell" tour.


Our lifestyle itineraries  focus on the culinary and cultural traditions of the region and include many of the iconic sites seen a little differently, outside the tourist flow on road trips most Italians enjoy when traveling in their own country.


Looking for insight and advice on  traveling to Italy?


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Learn Italian

You love Italy. You love Italian food. You drool over the fashions in Milan and sigh over the bridges in Venice. Your blood boils at the sound of a Ferrari and you dream of basking under the Tuscan sun. Oh, and one more thing, you've secretly thought it would be wonderful to learn to speak Italian. 


What to practice your Italian language skills? Attend a Cositutti Language Learning Meet Up and practice with other awesome learners.

If you live in Northwest Indiana or the southern shore of Lake Michigan contact us for more information. Beginners absolutely welcome! On going groups now forming. Each meetup will end with a tasting of artisan Italian food products from CosituttiMarketPlace. So if you will be traveling to Italy or just want to practice your Italian with other like-minded learners contact us for more information.


Sample Lesson






Out of the Ordinary Tasting Events are periodically scheduled so that clients and customers in our local area ( Northwest Indiana and southern shore of Lake Michigan) can sample our products at CosituttiMarketPlace and learn more about the artisan producers who make them. We can arrange artisan tastings for your wine shop, corporate event, friends and family gatherings or assist in sourcing unique products for your store, catering business or pantry.


Our marketing specialists are available to mobilize notice and attention to your project or product with print and social media with an Italian sense of style.

The Cositutti Group includes Italian food entrepreneurs, teachers and experienced travel writers who can provide expert content for your blog, magazine or web site on the food, wine, art and design of Northern Italy, Emilia Romagna and the Bolognese Hills, Tuscany and Umbria.

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Events, Offerings and Shopping

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