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We believe there is a different way of traveling in Italy, a way that is more than a "show and tell" tour to experience the sights, sounds, tastes and colors of the Italian landscape. To see and savor the food, wine, art, design and adventure of traveling in Italy. For the past 20 years we've taken road trips with our Italian family and friends seeing iconic and lesser known sites that Italians like to visit in their own country. They've shared their favorite places with us and we discovered new ones looking for the back story that makes the experience more meaningful and fun. 


Down Roman roads, past castles with Celtic altars and Etruscan ruins, through medieval walled cities and alpine lakes, visiting Renaissance chapels and Gothic cathedrals into kitchens, vineyards and orchards to experience the food of princes, popes, pilgrims and everyday Italians developing a taste for Italy and wanting more.




                                                                         Sights and Itineraries



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